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Live casino Malaysia online platform is getting more popular and more common nowadays. People like to seek the experience of betting online, instead of visiting physical casinos such as Genting Casino, which is quite inconvenient.

The popularity of online live casino games is gaining the trust and interest of locals and also players worldwide. The community is constantly expanding, with the majority choosing to locate the finest platform that suits their demands and specifications for online gambling.

5 Types of Favourite Live Casino Games in Malaysia

We1Win live casino Malaysia provides players with a wide range of entertainment games. These are including live baccarat, online roulette, live blackjack, poker card games, and many more. Let’s check the following games and gain a better understanding before you bet with real money!

Baccarat Online: Play Real Money Casino Game

You might be curious about why baccarat is so popular. This is the most participated casino game worldwide, and also the main betting event in the major gambling cities. Including Macau, which earned the most income from baccarat games. Baccarat online is also the most common game in every live casino in Malaysia, with the most tables or rooms to bet on.

  • Baccarat online divides or compares the cards into two sides. 
  • It called ‘’Players’’ and ‘’Bankers’, where participants can choose a side to bet on. 
  • Using 8 decks of cards, each Player and Banker gets at least 2 cards or a maximum of 3 cards in their hands.

Online baccarat Malaysia only counts the single digit or the last unit’s place on the cards. For instance, if the total of the cards is 18, the result is 8, and if the total is 21, the result would be 1. The cards with bigger digits will win the game. The cards with 8 or 9 digits win the round instantly. For digits 7 or below, the Player or Banker can draw the third card under certain conditions.

Online Roulette: The Wheel of Fortune

The spinning wheel of fortune! Players should be familiar with the online roulette games in a live casino Malaysia. The playing method is simple the dealer spins the wheel, and the ball finally stops on any of the 37 figures to determine the winner. However, there are various betting options and patterns though. Let’s look into the detail.

  • Instead of typically choosing the numbers between 0 to 36, which are referred to as straight-up.
  • There are still severalother betting types such as split, street, triple, corner, four, line, column, dozen, red/black, odd/even and big/small.
  • More complicated betting options in online roulette, like the Single Bet or Straight Bet, the Split Bet, Street Bet, Corner Bet or Square Bet, First Five Bet, Line Bet or Alley Bet.

Those options are harder to win, but of course, these bet types are giving higher odds. Online roulette wheel games might not have many rooms or tables available in a live casino, but you only need one table to make a fortune from the wheel!

Dragon Tiger: Highest Winning Probability

Dragon Tiger is another common game in every live casino in Malaysia. Its betting method is simple though, as the cards are divided into two sides which are called “Dragon” and “Tiger”, each side gets one card every round. Players can bet on any side for every round. The interesting part is they can bet on various options, commonly as below:

  • Big/small, whichever side with the card of higher digits wins (the player can also bet on ‘’tie’’, which odds are 1:8)
  • Even or odd number
  • Red or black card

For players who like to play quickly and simply, Dragon Tiger is a good choice. It is the second most participated live casino Malaysia game, with many tables and dealers available.

Live Blackjack​: Blackjack 21 Online Card Game

The fantastic live blackjack online is another key entertainment in We1Win casino. Players will have the opportunity to test their betting luck and skills on our platform. Don’t worry if you are just a novice bettor, live blackjack is fairly straightforward and easy to play.

With the simple rule, this live casino table game is solely based on maths and calculations. Live blackjack features withe some distinct rules for playing. Here are the general rules and goals to win the game:

  • To beat the live dealer’s final score, you have to obtain a point more than the live dealer.
  • Extra winning if your total points on the first two cards are 21.
  • You will win if the live dealer draws extra cards until the hand is busted, which is exceed the total of 21.

There are some other fine terms you need to know about the blackjack live casino Malaysia game. Feel free to study and go through it before wagering your hard-earned money. You may also inquire about it from our live chat service or through live dealers while playing the games.

Sicbo Online: Fun & Easy Table Game

Sicbo is another popular game in an online live casino Malaysia. The live dealer shakes the bowl with four buttons inside it, which are red and white on both sides. The betting instruction of sicbo is simple though, players just bet on the colour pattern of four buttons once the dealer uncovered the bowl. Here are the instructions you need to take note.

  • If all four buttons showed the same colour as the surface, either all white or red, the players who matched it could win 12 times of odds.
  • There are also other odds of results such as three red and one white, three white and one red, and other options including odd, even, big or small.
  • The dealer shakes the three dice in a container, and players bet on the dice’s result once the spinning stops.

There are many betting options for sicbo betting. The common options are big/small and odd/even. Study and understand the sicbo betting strategies on our blog page and win real money today!

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Dealers are playing an important role in every live casino Malaysia games. In We1Win, we provide a plenty of live dealers which are trained professionally in gambling knowledge and skills, ready to serve the players 24/7. Those live dealers are in decent uniforms and appearances. Some of them will serve in hot and sexy dressing that themes.

Register a free account with us and start your betting. You may pick favourite game such as online slot game, sports betting, poker online, and more, or even keep trying new games! This is to explore the millions opportunities to win real money on our platform. Good luck and all the best!